Anne Dixon, M.A., B.M., B.Ch.

Anne Dixon, M.A., B.M., B.Ch.

Director of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Director Vermont Lung Center
Professor of Medicine
University of Vermont Medical Center
Larner College of Medicine

Contact Information
Office Location:
89 Beaumont Avenue, Given Bldg D209, Burlington, VT 05405


1990 Graduate: Oxford University, England B.M., B.Ch.

1987 Undergraduate: Cambridge University, England, B.A. in Natural Sciences (M.A., 1990)

Residency: Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland

Fellowship: University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Research Interests

Dr. Dixon’s research interest has focused on understanding the effects of obesity and metabolism on lung disease. She had developed a research program at UVM focused on this area. She was the lead editor of the first book published on obesity and lung disease, and the lead author of an ATS statement on obesity and asthma. She has organized four international meetings bringing together experts in the field of lung disease with experts in the field of obesity and metabolism, her overall goal for these meetings is to advance this field, and foster the career development of new researchers in the emerging field of obesity and lung disease.

Her group has pioneered the concept of different phenotypes of asthma and obesity, and has a number of ongoing studies to understand the mechanisms causing asthma in obesity, a population that now represents the majority of patients with severe asthma.  Her group also has a number of ongoing clinical trials investigating treatments specifically targeting this disease.

More information on clinical trials at UVM can be found here:


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