Philip Ades, M.D.

Philip Ades, M.D.

Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine
Department of Medicine

Contact Information
Office Location:
Cardiac Rehab and Prevention, 62 Tilley Dr., South Burlington, VT 05403


Medical School
University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

Research Interests

Dr. Ades' research program has had consistent NIH funding since 1988.  His primary current research characterizes the methods and benefits of weight loss in obese coronary patients.  Other research interests include intervention to treat and prevent disability in older patients with coronary artery disease and patients with chronic heart failure.  A recent review on "Cardiac Rehabilitation and the Secondary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease" in the New England Journal defines state-of-the-art practice in cardiac rehabilitation--much of it based upon Dr. Ades' local clinical research.

Academic Appointments

Professor of Medicine
Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Preventive
Associate Director, Clinical Research Center


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