Caption: Using KiNG
Text: KiNG is composed of two windows- a Text window that gives a short description of the molecule being viewed in the larger window. Usually the text window is hidden directly behind the graphics window. Many features of the kinemage display are self-explanatory, and can be worked out by exploring the possibilties yourself. The windows can be moved around by dragging their top bars, or resized by dragging in the lower right corner. The text window is scrollable the graphics image is rescaled when its window is resized.


Use the mouse to ROTATE the image dragging across the top of the graphics window will rotate around Z (in the plane of the screen) and dragging anywhere else will rotate around the Y or the X axis or a combination. Fairly slow movements work best. Smoothness of rotation depends on the number of vectors in the display and the speed and size of the computer. Depth-cuing is done primarily by color intensity there is also a simple sort of hidden-line removal.